Why I’m supporting Reuben’s Retreat on #GivingTuesday

I originally wrote this last year as a fundraising page in lieu of gifts at our wedding.

Nicky, AKA mummy, tells her family’s story with such warmth and composure. Mine is a much simpler version, but that’s how it was, there we were, all set for life with the people we loved and then the unimaginable happened.

Today is the 2nd December and I’m posting this as part
of #GivingTuesday

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Here is my story and why I support Reuben’s Retreat:

Once upon a time there were two friends called Nic and Ali.
They worked together, travelling the world, attending conferences and moaning about men.

Nic and Ali didn’t think they would ever get married (especially if they kept going to bed with their make up on and drinking so much wine.)

One evening, at a conference in Tenerife, Nic met a man called Mike.
They danced and chatted all evening and Ali thought they must have met before because they got on so well. They were a perfect match.

Nic and Mike got married on Ali’s birthday. It was a fantastic day with dancing, posh pies, a cake made of cheese and Take That.
They settled in Mottram near Manchester (where they eat mushy peas.)

Two beautiful boys, Isaac and Reuben followed and Nic and Mike loved being parents. What a happy family they were!10609637_541484475997920_3745460995745730931_n

Ali met a man called Simon and they lived
happily together down south (where they eat
garden peas.)

Sadly, Nic, Mike and Isaac lost Reuben to
cancer when he was just 23 months old.
Everybody was very sad, but they also felt very lucky to have known such a jolly soul.

Reuben’s family and friends  are now very busy building a retreat in his name. Reuben’s Retreat will be a place where families of children with life threatening and life limiting illnesses can relax, rebuild and recharge.

Alban and Lyme supports Reuben’s Retreat and we will keep you all updated on the fabulous work that they do with families and more
importantly, how you can support them.

For more information, please visit http://www.reubensretreat.org